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Our Story
    W, a tortured letter; a letter without its own true name. We say W, double-u. But really, doesn't every letter deserve to have it's own true name that reflects the sound that the letter makes?

    We have come up with an idea that will revolutionize the way the alphabet is today. Not double-u; woo. That's it, just plain woo.

    Now say it...    Woo.    A short, and rather cute name.

    Think of all of the website addresses... Which sounds better, double-u, double-u, double-u.NameHere.com; or woo, woo, woo.NameHere.com? There is even the elegant triple-woo.NameHere.com (can you imagine saying triple-double-u?).

    W needs its own name, its own feel, its own sound, and woo is the answer.

    Now, this might all seem rather strange, but lets put this on some other letters, such as p. Now, p pretty much looks like a rotated d; as w looks like a double u. Now would it be very fair to call p rotated-d? Or in the same way would it be very fair to call a b a backwards-d? Or even u a half-open-o? No, that isn't fair at all.

    When a child is learning the alphabet, wouldn't it be easier to teach woo than double-u? You wouldn't get various questions, such as "Why is it called double-u, and not double-v, or upside-down-m?"

    In conclusion, please help the Official Save the W organization by sending lots of emails to all of your friends, relatives, and co-workers about woo and our website.

    We love you Woo!!!