I learned so much about music from my Dad. As a child, seeing him entertain with music and humor. Going with him to select equipment, instruments, and sheet music.

When I was old enough, I began taking trumpet lessons. My Dad learned with me to help keep me practicing. Then one day, I joined his band and played music with him for many years.

Even after the band, we kept recording music or just picked out songs to play for fun. It was always something special we shared. Brian
What a difference they made in my life—My fondest memories of the music Walt and Brian created, are from all the trips when Brian would drive 12 hours from California to spend a couple of days with his Dad in the “Play Pen”.

While I prepared a holiday meal, the house was filled with music from morning til night. I can still hear one or the other saying “again” which meant that the last take wasn't quite perfect and they would do it again.

And the magic continued… in this last song. He decided that I should do the vocals and I will always remember the joy when I actually successfully for the first time hit a B♭ at the end… what fun. What a difference he made in my heart. Rose-Marie

Mama He's Crazy
Vocal by Rose-Marie